For 28 years, one elderly woman has been working at the same bank in Greenwood Village. That's quite an accomplishment considering it was her first job.

"I loved it. I've loved it since day one," said bank clerk Jo Ann "Jo" Dobson.

Jo celebrated her 90th birthday at the bank on Tuesday and she plans to keep on working.

She started working there when she was 62-years-old.

"My husband retired and we didn't have medical insurance so - they advertised for a receptionist here, I came down and applied and got it," she said.

Her fellow coworkers say many customers come in just to see her.

"I tell ya, Jared, it's hell being a celeb," Jo joked as the 9NEWS camera followed her around, seeing her in action.

Her coworkers also say they couldn't imagine a work day without her.

"She honestly reminds me a lot of my grandmother, who is not here anymore, Jo is very special to me," said Cassandra Miller, one of the bank tellers, with a tear in her eye. "Yeah, Miss Jo is definitely very important to a lot of us here."

"It's a good feeling part of a family. It means everything," said Jo. "It really does it means everything."

And when we thought we couldn't love her enough, Jo - a Next fan - became even more endearing: