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A group of fourth graders wants you to stop cussing

These elementary school kids are tired of you sons of biscuits and your filthy mouths.

How many times would you guess you cuss a day?

Once, maybe twice an hour?

Sons of biscuits like you are the reason Mrs. Larson's fourth grade class, over at Carson Elementary School in Denver, are on a mission to make people stop swearing. They have developed "The BLEEP Committee," with the BLEEP standing for "Bad Language Eliminates Essential Partnerships."

These 4th graders want you to stop cussing.
These 4th graders want you to stop cussing.

Their main goal is to end cursing at sports events, or at least to have family-friendly sections in arenas where cuss words wouldn't be allowed.

They expect some push-back but hope people understand their point of view: they don't want to hear the words when they're in public.

These 4th graders want you to stop cussing.

Hear from these kids in the video above.

And if they inspire you, sign the petition here.

You can also check out the "Be the Bleep" website here.