Allyson Mallory, a principal from Littleton whose spirit continues to amaze us, walked on Friday for the first time since December 23.

That was the day she fell off her snowboard and broke her back, paralyzing her below the waist.

She did it with the help of the Lokomat machine at Craig Hospital, which is essentially a robot that stimulates walking.

"That was amazing. It was great being upright and walking," she said. "(Walking felt like) there was possibility. Like it was a next step."

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Mallory said she felt the muscles in her left knew firing, which her therapist says is a great sign.

"I really have to think about sending messages to my muscles, and really thinking about pulling up with my quads, and my hamstrings, and engaging my glutes. Something that I would have just done naturally, I have to concentrate on."

Mallory says she believes she may walk again, especially because of the encouragement of the staff.

"While I've had an amazing support system to rely on, it is going to be nice to be able to do things by myself."

The cards and messages from everyone at Ralph Moody Elementary where she works have inspired Mallory. Right now, she's looking forward to getting back to school and racing the students with their wheelchairs.

"I don't think I would have done that before, but now I'm all about it."