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Rolling Stone sat down with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as his time in office nears its end, but rumors of his move to the national stage circulate.

Writer Tessa Stuart asked the governor if he’s spoken to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at all about the future of legal marijuana in this country. Hickenlooper said Sessions has repeatedly told him that drug use makes the country “weaker,” and that Sessions “wants people to be very uncertain” about legal weed to hurt the industry.

“(People in the marijuana business) should have some sense of what the future holds, and they should not be held subject to the suspicions that they're going to be closed down – it's almost like they're being held hostage to those suspicions,” he said.

Rolling Stone also asked Hickenlooper about whether he’s running on a presidential ticket with John Kasich (to which he gave a “we’re just friends” kind of a answer), gun laws, his legacy in Colorado, and his support for new ownership at The Denver Post.

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