The Trump campaign is struggling to explain the similarities between Melania Trump's primetime speech on Monday, and a convention speech by Michelle Obama in 2008.

Sections are nearly-identical, leading to allegations of plagiarism.

Privately, sources close to the Trump campaign tell NBC News that heads will roll because Melania was humiliated by sloppy work.

Publicly, the campaign is offering explanations that critics say wouldn't even pass muster with a middle school teacher.

Enter, Miss Flynn - or Maggie Flynn, a 7th grade language and literature teacher at McAuliffe International School in Denver - and her red pen. See above

Kyle Clark and DPS teacher Maggie Flynn
Kyle Clark and DPS teacher Maggie Flynn

What are your thoughts? These are Kyle Clark's:

Plagiarism would get me fired.

Melania Trump isn't a journalist.

Nor is she a politician.

She's a family member.

Who almost certainly didn't write her speech - even if she offered the traditional little white lie of politics in saying that she did.

Don't blame her.

Melania Trump got hung out to dry.

In the realm of political plagiarism scandals, this ranks way below the accusations made against, say Joe Biden or Barack Obama.

More important here is that it gives us a window into how Team Trump responds to a problem, with explanations that didn't pass muster with a Denver middle school teacher.