Your generosity is astonishing.

Last night, I wore a jacket that belonged to a Next viewer named Doyle Larson.

His wife, Connie, asked me to add it to my collection after he died this month of a brain tumor.

WATCH | Kyle is wearing a special jacket tonight, and here's why

I offered up one of my jackets to one of you who'd join me in donating to the American Brain Tumor Association.

I'd like to thank all of you who donated.

You absolutely overwhelmed us, and Doyle's family, with your generosity.

The American Brain Tumor Association is still tallying the total of your giving, but more of two thirds of their donations last night were specifically in memory of Doyle Larson.

Tonight, Doyle's wife Connie joined me as a drew one of your names to take home a jacket from my closet.

You can watch as the winners were chosen in the video above.