Monday, the Denver Post began a bold experiment in survival. Denver's newspaper The Post added a paywall.

Online readers are being asked to pay for content that previously was free. After five free articles a month, it'll be $11.99 a month to read the Post online.

I'm not sure this is a wise thing to be saying about our competition, but I'd ask you to think about joining me in supporting them. The death of the Denver Post might be a rounding error for its hedge fund owner, but the loss would be immeasurable for Colorado.

I say that knowing that the Post has a dim view of Next, and will probably write even more articles to that effect in the future. But, the value of a good newspaper, or a good television program for that matter, isn't to make you feel good about things you already believe. A good newspaper, or a good television program, exposes you to new ideas and perspectives. Sometimes those perspectives make you cringe, or shout, or squirm.

All the better.

It beats another day in the safe sameness carved out for us by social media.

And so, I subscribe, and ask you to consider doing so as well, in the hope that Denver's future, just like so much of its past, includes a strong voice called The Denver Post.

We'd like you to share your perspectives on this. Feel free to leave them here.

And here, you can read more about the Post's decision.