An exhibit that gives you a close look to what refugees and people displaced from their homes go through is right in Boulder, Colorado.

Recent disasters have given people a glimpse of what it’s like to be without a home, but it's something millions deal with daily.

“There are 65 million people globally that are either refugees or have been displaced from their homes," said Dr. John Lawrence, president of Doctors Without Borders, USA.

For the next five days people can experience what refugees experience when fleeing a country.

As they move through the 10,000 square foot exhibit, they see the day to day issues people deal with, like what to take with them on their extended journey.

The tour guide gave each participant 30 seconds to select 5 objects you think might be useful in your journey and your migration roots.

Most people would bring cell phones to both communicate with family and help them navigate to another location, but those devices can also be used against them.

“Human traffickers that may use that cell phone after they abduct the individual and use that to try and get a ransom, from the family members, said dr. Lawrence.

Forced from home, shows the low water and food sources these people are forced to deal with.

You also see the medical supplies these doctors use to treat diseases that are sometimes fatal, like Cholera.

It’s not an exhibit that makes you laugh or leave smiling, but it does open your eyes to the growing problem.

“Hopefully you can get a little more understanding of what forces people out and what this might mean for their chances of survival as they go along,” said Dr. Lawrence.

This is a three-year tour, and it just started the beginning of the second year.

The tour will hit Salt Lake City next, then Seattle, Portland, Oakland, and Santa Monica.

The exhibit is up 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Sunday.

The organizers say education, not fundraising is their main goal- so donations are optional.