This story isn't about a police officer in trouble, a teacher who got caught cheating or a nurse stealing drugs.

It's about a public servant doing the right thing. You know, like 99 percent of them do every day and never make the news.

Two Aspen Police officers - and one sergeant - made a decision to brighten someone's day recently.

Not just anybody's day. A repeat "customer," as the police department called him.

A man who spends his time in and out of jail; he has been arrested roughly 12 times in the past year.

This is a man who has struggled with an alcohol addiction. A man who is homeless.

He recently ended up in jail again - on his birthday.

Officers Jeremy Johnson and Ian MacAyeal - and Sergeant Rick Magnuson - decided to buy a chocolate cake.

They delivered the birthday cake to the man in jail, simply to help him celebrate.

The jail deputy sent out an email to the department after he witnessed the act of kindness.

It was all done in private - and no one else would've known about it - except for the email.

The police department told us today they just think of it as a normal part of their daily duties.

That's why they're good ones.