DENVER — The Colorado State Auditor Wednesday released a scathing audit of the Colorado Division of Civil Rights and Colorado Civil Rights Commission that calls into question the agencies' transparency, compliance with several state laws and time delays, about which two lawmakers said: "Justice delayed is justice denied."

The audit looked at how both the division and the commission manage civil rights complaints between the beginning of 2015 and through August of this year.

Auditors made 11 recommendations to the division and commission on how to improve their processes, but the division and commission partly disagreed with seven, leading the auditor's staff to claim that the agencies evidently don't plan to comply with the audit's recommendations.

The Legislative Audit Committee reviewed the audit Wednesday.

The Division of Civil Rights is responsible for enforcing the state's civil rights law with respect to housing, public accommodation and employment. The Civil Rights Commission conducts hearings on complaints filed with the division.

Colorado Politics reporter Marianne Goodland was at the hearing where the audit was revealed. We highly recommend her article, which is quite detailed. You can read it in full here.