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This awesome track chair is making a state park on the plains more inclusive

Barr Lake State Park in Adams County was able to get one of the track chairs from Staunton State Park on loan.

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — Wheelchairs on the trails that more closely resemble tanks are not that unusual of a sight at Staunton State Park, which has had a track chair program for years.

Now, this effort to make Colorado’s trails more inclusive for people with disabilities has reached the Eastern Plains.

Barr Lake State Park in Brighton was able to loan one of the track chairs from Staunton State Park earlier this month, and the Holder family got to experience some of the park’s trails this past weekend.

The track chairs are meant to be used on tough terrain, everything from steep hills to mud to rocks to even snow. Staunton State Park’s website says the track chair users often find themselves the center of attention on the trail.

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“You can also expect to attract a fair amount of curiosity from your fellow trail users,” Staunton State Park’s website says. “Don’t be surprised to find yourself the center of attention. We’ve found park visitors to be quite fascinated by the Track-Chair, and very supportive of the efforts to offer this unique opportunity.”

Barr Lake State Park is expected to have its track chair on loan for about a month. The track chair program is free, but people do have to pay the state park entrance fee.

People can call 303-659-6055 to reserve a time to use a track chair.

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