Starr's Clothing Company will close after 103 years. A family of four different generations have worked at the clothing store since 1914.

The world of online shopping has made it difficult for the family to keep the store's doors open.

"We are in competition with the world and not just brick and mortar stores from around here," Karen Wigotow, the owner of the store, said.

And the rent keeps rising.

"Boulder is just a hot commodity," Wigotow said. "We couldn't afford to be profitable. Rents have gone up all up and down the street."

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Wigotow's husband's grandfather bought the store for $15.

"My husband's mom and dad lived above the store," Wigotow said.

Boulder isn't just Wigotow's home. The town has become her family after working at the store for almost 40 years.

"It's a little bittersweet," Wigotow said as she teared up. "We love everybody in Boulder. All our customers have been so good to us...I want to thank Boulder."

A piece of stained-glass from the store will live at the Boulder History Museum.

When all of the items of the store are sold, Wigotow and her staff will open a bottle of wine to say goodbye to Starr's Clothing Company.