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Broncos Stadium stairwell won't be put on trial

The stairwells at Broncos Stadium at Mile High were supposed to be put on trial this month after a fan, Jason Coy, fell to his death in 2016. We've learned that the lawsuit was settled.

DENVER — The construction of Broncos Stadium at Mile High will not be put on trial after all.

Jason Coy fell to his death following a Denver Broncos game in October 2016. He went over a handrail in an enclosed stairwell and fell 60 feet.

His widow, Leslie Coy, sued the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, as well as PDB Enterprises, PDB Sports, Bowlen Sports and Stadium Management Company in a wrongful death civil suit.

PDB stands for Patrick Dennis Bowlen, the owner of the Denver Broncos.

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"The stadium contained a defective, unsafe, non-obvious and dangerous condition in a fire escape corridor and staircase on which [Coy] fell to his death," the suit read.

Coy's family alleged in the suit that the defendants "breached their duty of care" by "failing to take reasonable affirmative action or measures" to make the fire escape safe.

Taxpayers in seven metro area counties make up the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, meaning taxpayers were among those being sued.

The lawsuit that was supposed to go to trial this month ended with a settlement. Coy's attorney confirmed that the settlement is confidential.

But if a taxpayer-funded district was part of the settlement, what makes it confidential?

According to the spokesman for the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, the lease that the Broncos signed to play at the stadium requires that the team provide insurance on game days on behalf of the stadium district. It was private funds, and not public taxpayer money, involved in the settlement.

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