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Can the mayor's staff share political messages on social media?

Paid city staffers and department heads are tweeting about the mayor a lot as he campaigns for a third term.

DENVER — As Denver Mayor Michael Hancock campaigns for his final term in office, it would seem he has the support of many of his paid office staff at city hall. 

A lot of them are taking to social media to heap praise on their boss for his accomplishments. Some even share and comment on material from the mayor’s campaign social media accounts.

“We encourage our folks to share the work of the city, share the work of the department and share the work of the administration,” said Mike Strott, spokesman for the mayor’s office.

But Strott said city workers are banned from sharing any political material during their workday. 

“City employees in any capacity are not allowed to share campaign-related things while on city time. So for us, we usually look at that as between 8 and 5 o’clock,” he said.

Strott said the mayor’s office monitors employees social media accounts during the workday to ensure political content isn’t shared. If it is, he said the employee is either asked to take the material down or take paid time off for the period of the work day when they shared it.

“There is absolutely extra work to be cautious during campaign season,” he said.

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