Colorado's Congressional delegation is responding to this week's news that two of President Trump's previous allies - former campaign manager Paul Manafort and former attorney Michael Cohen - were convicted of various financial crimes.

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Senator Cory Gardner (R)

Sen. Gardner says the convictions didn't come up in the conversation Tuesday when the news broke, as he traveled with Trump to West Virginia to rally for a Republican Senate candidate. Gardner tagged along because he heads the committee to get Republican senators elected.

A Gardner spokesperson told us Gardner's support for the president wasn't shaken by the convictions, or by the president's attorney implicating him in court for criminal wrongdoing. Gardner's spokesman made a point to say he supports the Special Counsel's Russia investigation that led to those cases.

Senator Michael Bennet (D)

“Having had the privilege to work at the Justice Department earlier in my career, I find President Trump’s attacks on Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation disgraceful. Yesterday's convictions of very serious crimes directly contradict the President's characterization of this as a ‘witch hunt.’ The most important action Congress can take is to protect Mueller's ability to gather all of the evidence and complete his investigation. It is the duty of Congress, and of every American, to defend the rule of law and the integrity of our law enforcement agencies.”

Representative Ed Perlmutter (D)

“Yesterday’s news confirms something we suspected all along: that President Trump and his team need to be investigated to see if they tried to or did collude with others to influence the 2016 election in their favor. The question remains: what else are they hiding? Special Counsel Mueller is authorized to investigate any other crimes he uncovers in the course of his investigation – and he should considering we continue to see blatant disrespect for the law and dishonest dealings from President Trump and those around him ... Congress needs to ensure the Mueller investigation can reach its natural conclusion without political interference ... I am a cosponsor of several different bills that support the work of Special Counsel Mueller, limit the removal of a special counsel, require investigations into Trump’s conflicts of interest, and challenge President Trump’s general fitness for office. I believe further action against President Trump should be decided upon the conclusion and findings of the Mueller investigation.”

Representative Ken Buck (R)

"As a prosecutor impersonating a congressman, I believe justice will prevail. While these findings of guilt do not directly involve Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, these two men may have knowledge pertinent to the special counsel’s investigation. However, now that they are convicted felons with a motive to save their own skin, their credibility will be carefully scrutinized by any future finder of fact."

Representative Mike Coffman (R)

"I support the rule of law and trust our justice system. That is why I cosponsored bipartisan legislation to protect the independence of the Mueller investigation and we must let it run its course."

We did not get a response to our requests for a statement from Republican Congressmen Doug Lamborn and Scott Tipton, as well as Democratic Congresswoman Diana DeGette.

Representative Jared Polis (D)

The President’s former campaign chair was convicted of eight felonies, and his fixer pled guilty to eight felonies. Congressman Polis is more alarmed than ever, and he is going to do everything possible to ensure that justice continues to be served ... First and foremost, before any sanctions, Congressman Polis believes that Congress must insulate Special Counsel Mueller because his investigation is critical to protecting the republic in the long run. If the results of the investigation confirm that the president has violated the law, Congressman Polis will act to ensure justice and the rule of law. Congressman Polis is doubling down on his call for Congress to swiftly approve the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, which he co-sponsors. It would strictly prohibit the president from firing the Special Counsel, establishing a clear red line ... Congressman Polis sponsors a number of bills that would hold the president accountable. For example, he is the co-sponsor of the Protecting Our Democracy Act which would establish a completely independent investigation, and he is the co-sponsor of the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act which would strictly prohibit the president from firing the Special Counsel. Congressman Polis has publicly called on Congress to carry out a thoughtful, honest discussion about President Trump's fitness to serve."