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Colorado asked for a drive-through voting center, Chaffee County said ‘hold my beer’

Chaffee County's clerk had some fun and tweeted videos of people "drive-up" voting on horses, rafts and rollerblades, because Colorado.

CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — You’ve got to love people with a sense of humor … and participating in democracy, that’s important too.

As part of an effort to keep voting safe and accessible even during a global pandemic, Chaffee County set up a drive-through voting center called Vote Camp in Salida. Lori Mitchell, the Chaffee County clerk, said the trailer and other materials were rented from local businesses.

“The state said we should have a mobile drive-thru vote center, and Chaffee County said ‘hold my beer,’” Mitchell said.

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What really makes it the most Colorado thing we’ve seen today is how people decided to “drive-up” and cast their ballots ahead of the June 30 primary.

For instance, one lady rode a horse.

Since this is Salida, one person decided to cast a ballot from a raft.

Even rollerbladers and skateboarders were able to participate in the democratic process while socially distancing. 

“Every county clerk is creatively making voting safe,” Mitchell said.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office released a lengthy document with guidance for counties to make voting safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drive-thru voting centers were touted because people don’t need to get out of their cars (or off their horse) and because they can still be in operation even if other voting centers need to be deep-cleaned.

Once again: The Colorado primary is on June 30.

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