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Colorado OKs electric car requirement to fight air pollution

The Auto Dealers Association said this could make popular Colorado vehicles like SUVs and trucks more expensive.

DENVER — Colorado is tightening its air quality regulations and requiring at least 5% of the vehicles sold in the state by 2023 to emit zero pollution.

The rule approved Friday by the state Air Quality Control Commission applies to auto manufactures, not buyers.    

It's aimed at boosting electric vehicle use in a state struggling to control air pollution in heavily populated areas.

Green Car Reports tracks developments in low-pollution vehicles and says Colorado is the 11th state to adopt zero-emissions requirements. 

The auto industry groups Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers praised the rule. They say they have worked with Colorado officials on structuring the requirement.

Environmental groups also welcomed the standards. The Colorado Freedom to Drive Coalition called them costly and futile.

In 2018, 2.6% of new car sales in Colorado were electric vehicles. That number will be required to grow to 6% in 2025. 

The Auto Dealers Association claimed that dealers will have to cut the price of electric vehicles in order to sell that many cars, but it could mean increased sales tags on pickups and SUVs. 

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