On a median, in a parking lot, surrounded by caution tape, there is a little surprise for local shoppers nowadays.

"Oh my gosh, she's so cute. And of all places...," says, Bridgette Epp, a customer.

(No, no. We know what you're thinking, and we aren't talking about the Target rock! That thing is still in retirement.)

Across the street from a creek, at the Littleton Whole Foods on Wadsworth, is a mother goose and her four eggs.

"We just came in one day, and we saw two geese just kind of hovered around this area," says Tony Nemec, the store's team leader. "Wasn't really sure what she was up to. She just hung out there for the first day, and noticed she was building a nest."

It wasn't until the following day, two-and-a-half weeks ago, when the goose laid her eggs just by the Whole Foods front door. Staff made a call to Parks & Wildlife, which said leaving Mother Goose and her eggs there, unbothered, would be best for her and the dad.

"They assured us that the best thing to do was just to leave her alone ... and maybe put a barricade around them, and that's what we did," Nemec says. "Maybe she knows we're going to take care of her."

And take care of her, they have. The Whole Foods team fills a kiddie pool for her to swim in every day, which a customer set up right next to the median. Other customers have been bringing out corn and greens for her to eat.

Dad, who has affectionately been named Jason, was hit by a car about a week ago. Nemec says he usually hangs out at the creek, but he has mostly recovered and still comes to check on Mom a few times a day.

The store expects the chicks will be born around May 5. They've already got a plan in place, in case Mom wants to take the babies over to the creek with Jason.

"I'm pretty excited to see the baby goose running around the parking lot. We're hoping they'll be safe. We have the police and animal control on call, so if she needs to cross Wadsworth with her little ones, they'll guide her through. They've already agreed to that," Nemec says.

This is the first year they've had a goose nest in the median. Nemec says a few goose experts have reached out to them; they say a goose will come back to nest for decades in the same space, if they're comfortable.