This commentary was written by 9NEWS Sports Anchor Aaron Matas. You can tweet him at @aaronmatas.

You're not worried and you don’t care.

You’re just assuming someone that kneels is against what you stand for.

Players choose to kneel for many reasons. Just like some of their teammates and fans have great arguments on their choice to stand.

Perhaps you get on your feet because you support the military. It's part of the reason I do.

But don't be naive enough to think that because you stand for our troops, the fact that someone decides to kneel must mean they don’t respect those who serve.

This has been an issue long before last weekend and I have yet to hear a single player say they decided to sit during our national anthem because they hate our military. That isn't their reason, we all need to get rid of that train of thought.I stand partly because I am thinking about our military and the men and women that have done something that honestly, I wasn’t brave enough to do. I stand for other reasons that represent what's great about our country.

Like the fact that my Canadian father was able to study medicine in Minneapolis, meet an American woman, they could start a family and years later, despite a divorce, they did well enough, that I was able to go my own route and pursue a job talking about and attending sporting events.

Whether it is standing or kneeling we all have our justifications. If nothing else maybe this makes you think a little more about why you choose to stand at the next game you attend, and that’s not such a bad thing.

So, the next time you hear the Anthem, when they get to that part about this being the Land of the Free, don’t worry about the other guy, take a moment to celebrate the choice that you made.