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CU Denver drops ink! Coffee from student center after feedback on gentrification sign

A Denver ink! Coffee location posted a sign last year saying they were "happily" gentrifying the neighborhood.

DENVER — How about a little activism with your morning coffee?

The University of Colorado Denver decided ink! Coffee will not be a part of the student wellness center, as was planned.

The school heard from students and community members because of a sign posted outside of an ink! location in Denver late last year. The sign at the shop on Larimer read: "Happily gentrifying the neighborhood since 2014."

In a statement Friday, CU Denver wrote:

"In November of last year, ink! posted controversial signage at one of its Denver locations related to gentrification that many found offensive. After hearing concerns from our students, conducting multiple meetings with ink! leadership, and having discussions—both internally and with community members– over the past few months, we have concluded that the best course of action is to terminate the contract with ink! Coffee."

Owners took down the sign quickly after receiving negative feedback, but they were met with protests in the following weeks. The owner apologized and said it was meant to be a joke.

CU Denver made its contract with ink! two years ago. A spokesperson for the school said earlier this year that they were listening to concerns about following through with that agreement.

The school's statement went on to say:

"When the Student Wellness Center opens, it is essential that it be a place where our students feel a common sense of acceptance and community. At the core of our mission as a public urban research university is the commitment to cultivate a culture of inclusion at CU Denver and within the broader Denver community."

According to the CU Denver Facebook page, the school will take input from students before deciding what will replace ink!.


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