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Denver Federal Center not deserted, but not bustling

No surprises here – many parking lots at the Denver Federal Center are rather scant during the ongoing partial government shutdown, but some necessary employees are still coming to work.

No surprises here. Many parking lots at the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood are rather scant during the ongoing partial government shutdown.

But touring the facility really hammers down the whole “partial” part of this shutdown.

When 9NEWS toured the complex with a spokesman for the General Services Administration (GSA) on Thursday, our cameras saw plenty of people walking around and cars in many of the parking lots.

“It is a limited shutdown so there are still people who are working… it’s not a total shutdown, so we’re keeping everything wide open for those folks who continue to work here,” Rich Stebbins, the spokesman who gave us the tour said Thursday.

About 6,000 workers are employed at the Denver Federal Center, which houses 28 agencies including the Bureau of Land Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Forty-four buildings are on the campus.

The GSA is responsible for keeping all of the buildings up and running. Most GSA employees are still on the job and getting paid, as their budget has already been appropriated. So GSA is keeping the buildings inside the federal center running.

“Because there is limited staffing around it is a little quieter… but for GSA we still have the majority of our folks that are still working and that’s why we can keep that building open,” Stebbins said.

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