Chance the Rapper is in Denver. We repeat, Chance the Rapper is in Denver.

If you don't know who that is, he's the rapper who won three Grammy Awards this year: best new artist, best rap album and best performance, and Denver City Council President Albus Brooks is a fan.

He presented Chance with his own Downtown Denver street name sign on Tuesday, the first day of his two-day stop in Denver for shows at Red Rocks. His new unofficial street is called Chance 3 Boulevard.

Chance the Rapper in Denver
Chance the Rapper in Denver

Brooks says he's getting messages from across the country, asking about where the new street actually is, but don't go looking. Chance 3 Boulevard is purely honorary, so it's not a real street.

Brooks told Next, "We just wanted Chance to know the people of Denver appreciate his artistic contributions." He didn't get an official city proclamation for Chance because he didn't have enough time to introduce it to council.