Denver International Airport will officially shell out an extra $7 million for a welcome sign that's scheduled to be unveiled in coming weeks.

City council voted 8-1 on Monday night to approve a $14,516,951 budget for the sign, which will be made of LED lights and stretch 1,000 feet along Peña Boulevard. More than $11.5 million is designated for upfront costs, and the rest will go toward maintenance and operation costs.

As Next with Kyle Clark reported weeks ago, a federal highway rule that regulates advertising fouled up the airport's original deal with Panasonic (PESCO). Because Peña Boulevard is part of the National Highway System, the federal rule states that DIA could only advertise airport businesses.

PESCO was to share the sign's cost, and then the advertising revenue. Based on the new contract, the airport will foot the entire bill, and will not share the advertising revenue. PESCO will continue to finish construction and installation.

The airport wants Congress to change the law so they can advertise as they advertised they would back when DIA announced this sign late last year.