A pizza place is the first Denver business to offer space along an outside wall to a nonprofit installing storage lockers for people experiencing homelessness.

The lockers debuted this week outside Sexy Pizza at 11th and Ogden.

The project is the work of Denver Homeless Out Loud, a community group working on behalf of the homeless.

It's a small start, with just four lockers, each with a combination lock- but for the people using them, that secure space can be life-changing.

“The struggle of having to carry all your belongings with you in backpacks or in bags is, is a huge, huge struggle of homelessness," Denver Homeless Out Loud organizer Terese Howard said. “It makes everything ten times harder.”

The nonprofit picked four people who demonstrated a real need for secure storage.

They all have jobs and needed a place to stash their belongings while at work.

DHOL hopes other businesses will reach out to offer more space for more lockers.

The City of Denver is also considering how the city can provide space for the locker project.