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Before you Google, keep in mind that Denver recycles ballot initiative numbers

If you search online for information about Denver Initiative 301, you might see more about 2019's psychedelic mushrooms question than 2021's development question.

DENVER — The calendar may say fall, but the season is really "election."

The state-issued Blue Books are showing up in mailboxes this week.

Those Blue Books explain the three statewide issues (Amendment 78, Proposition 119 and Proposition 120) that will appear every ballot.

Next with Kyle Clark will explain those ballot issues in detail with our 'Let's Just Vote' series in mid-October, after voters receive their mail-in ballots.

Denver voters will also receive a Blue Book that explains the 13 citywide issues.

"We will be sending a voter information guide that covers all the city issues, that will be hitting mailboxes after October 1," said Alton Dillard with Denver Elections Division.

Those 13 citywide issues in Denver are all unique, except for the numbering of the ballot issues.

The citizen-driven initiatives are numbered 300, 301, 302, 303 and 304.

If you try searching online for the details of some of those initiatives, though, you will get bad information.

Try searching for Denver Initiative 300, and you're more likely to find stories about Initiative 300 from 2019, when the question asked voters to reverse the city's camping ban. Initiative 300 on the 2021 ballot is about increasing the retail pot tax to create a pandemic fund.

Search for Initiative 301 and you'll find stories from two years ago about decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms. This year's Initiative 301 is about preserving open space.

If there are one hundred numbers that fall between 300 and 399, why does the city of Denver start over each election?

"It really just appears to be a practice, and actually based on your call, we're going to do a little more research on that," said Dillard. "It's been more something that's been discussed internally a time or two, but we've never really heard about it being an issue of public confusion, but again after your call, we got to discussing it, and we're like 'well, maybe we need to, once we get through this election, look at the practice.'"

Rules from the Secretary of State's Office dictates how and why issues are numbered.

County issues are in the 200s.

City issues are in the 300s.

School district issues are in the 400s.

City issues referred by the council for voter approval are 2A-2Z. That's why many voters will see different 2As depending on which city they live in.

Ballots for the November 2 election will be mailed out on October 8.

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