Denver's crackdown on the 4/20 rally doesn't mean the end of massive pot parties in Civic Center Park.

All the city did was block the former organizer from being in charge for the next three years. Denver Parks and Rec spokesperson Cyndi Karvaski told Next anchor Kyle Clark on Tuesday that it hasn't made any changes that would be a roadblock to future 4/20 rallies in the park.

“Someone else could possibly put in for that date for that event," Karvaski said.

For all the city's outrage over the park being left trashed, and the Mayor's concern, the chances are that there will be another 4/20 rally in 2018; permits open up in November. Parks and Rec told me it can't discriminate against event permits based types of events.

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“The city can’t discriminate based on content," Karvaski said.

The city believes Denver shouldn't deny a permit simply based on the likelihood of illegal behavior happening at any given event. They noted that the 4/20 organizers discouraged illegal consumption. Anyone with eyes or a nose can see how that went.

So, we asked the city how far they would let this go. Pardon the direct language, but what if, for example, someone wanted to host a massive orgy at Civic Center Park? Like smoking cannabis, it's legal inside your house, and illegal in a public park.

Karvaski said if someone wanted to organize a celebration of "free love" culture in the park, and discouraged illegal acts (like an orgy) as the 4/20 organizers supposedly do, she doesn't think Denver could stop it.

So if you're discouraged by the idea of next year's 4/20 rally, keep that in mind that it could be an orgy instead.