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Denver's 'hope' to fix affordable housing issues quits

As the city searches for a new chief housing officer, the guy who has been in charge of fixing Denver's affordable housing problems quit.
Erik Solivan

Denver's lack of affordable housing has been a talker for quite some time. Now, the office designated to address the issue is dealing with a big shakeup.

The man who leads the Office of HOPE (Housing and Opportunities for People Everywhere), Erik Solivan, quit after only one year on the job. He was touted as this innovative thinker who would have had a big impact on Denver's problems.

In his resignation letter -- dated February 12 -- Solivan doesn't cite a specific reason for his departure though it does come amid some reorganization within the department.

One of the changes includes the creation of a "chief housing officer" position. One of the job's primary functions is to "manage the multi-year strategic vision and direction for the Housing Division which includes implementation of the Comprehensive Housing Plan," according to the online job listing.

This new job is also tasked with overseeing the Office of HOPE, which means Solivan would've reported to whomever is appointed by Mayor Michael Hancock to become the chief housing officer.

"I support the reorganization of the Office of Economic Development," Solivan wrote in his resignation letter. He just won't be part of them.

Solivan was announced as the executive director of the Office of HOPE on January 9, 2017. His job was to "help craft a coordinated and comprehensive strategic roadmap for the city’s policies," according to a press release from the mayor's office.

When asked if the OED would be filling Solivan's position, a spokesperson told 9NEWS it was "too early to say."

Applications to be the OED's chief housing officer will be accepted through February 25.

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