A family from Colorado is living the Colorado dream, spending their days kayaking and hiking as they travel across the country in an RV.

In June 2014, Kathy and Peter Holcombe sold their home in Boulder and packed their lives, and their 12-year-old daughter into an RV. Their daughter, Abby, takes classes online and Peter and Kathy run their photography business while on the road.

Kathy says the idea to live their ‘alternative’ lifestyle, came after the family was doing a photo shoot in Utah. They had one day to get back to Colorado to mow the grass, do laundry and take care of house duties, before getting back on the road for another shoot.

Kathy says, “ I was thinking how nice it would be to go climbing or something instead of rushing home to mow the grass, so I looked at Peter and said, 'Gosh,' you know we could sell the house and stay here and skip a step, and play between shoots and go straight to the next one.”

They started talking about it over the course of a year and they eventually decided they could take their lives on the road. Abby’s main concern was missing her friends, but liked the idea of going to school online.

The plan was to only go for a year, but after a year was finished the Holcombes decided they were having so much fun – they’d keep going, and now they have no plans to stop. So far, they’ve traveled to 49 states and explored 40 of the 58 national parks.

“We moved to Colorado as soon as we got out of college to go kayaking and hiking and so we have really taken that lifestyle to the extreme, and we really try to do those things every single day.”

Kathy says their next big adventure will be kayaking the entire Grand Canyon this spring – as a family. She says they have no plans of stopping anytime soon, and would eventually like to do international trips.

You can follow their adventures on Instagram: @peterholcombe