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Famous YouTube weather guy wants Denver to prepare for upcoming storm

Frankie MacDonald has over 190,000 subscribers on YouTube. From his home in Nova Scotia, he’s warning Colorado residents about the winter storm.

Frankie MacDonald is a YouTuber with over 190,000 subscribers.

MacDonald, who is on the autism spectrum, spends his time making videos to warn people of big weather events all over the world. They get thousands of views, and people even thank him in the comment the section for his no-nonsense, high-volume weather reports.

Now, all the way from his home in Nova Scotia, he’s warning Colorado residents about the massive snowstorm headed our way.

“[The storm's] going to bring a lot of snow, very strong winds. It’s going to cause dangerous, treacherous driving conditions” MacDonald said in his video.

The 9NEWS weather team loves that the storm is on MacDonald’s radar.

"I love his passion. I think that’s what people love about it right?” 9NEWS meteorologist Kylie Bearse said. “When you see someone that's so incredibly passionate, I mean he goes and finds the biggest winter storms that are happening and just delivers it in a way that people just love."

The storm MacDonald's forecasting is expected to hit Denver between Wednesday and Thursday, and according to MacDonald, it’s going to be massive.

“People in Denver, Colorado, be prepared!” he said.

Credit: Frankie MacDonald
Frankie MacDonald is warning Denver residents of a massive snowstorm on his YouTube channel.

So, what should you be doing to get ready? Well, MacDonald gives us several recommendations to prepare leading up to the storm.

“Order pizzas and order Chinese food, buy cases of Pepsi, buy cases of Coke, do your grocery shopping, don’t wait until last minute!” MacDonald said.

You heard it here, folks. Better start stocking up for the blizzard. If you’re planning on driving or walking outside, he wants you to be very careful.

You can check out more of his weather forecasts on his YouTube channel and you can even buy a Frankie MacDonald action figure on Amazon.

Thanks for looking out for us, Frankie!

Of course, the 9NEWS weather team's tracking the storm, too. 9NEWS meteorologist Beck Ditchfield said there's a risk for rain and thunderstorms before the snow comes. As of Monday, she called for 4 to 8 inches of snow plus strong winds around Denver, but other parts of Colorado could get even more powder. Check the updated forecast here

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