Every week on Next we share your good news. 

It's always uplifting and inspiring. 

But the other day, we got a message that stopped us in our tracks.

James wrote in about his son, Kannon, who is battling Leukemia. While that doesn't seem like good news, James' inspirational message is.

He wrote, "You better keep doing your good news Friday for another year and a half. We will be announcing that our four-year-old son is cancer-free in April of '21."

Kannon has Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

"The best kind of childhood cancer, if you have to deal with it," James said.

James said they call the treatments Kannon receives at Children's Hospital 'Super Hero Medicine."

He's been getting them for two years so far and will need them for a year and a half more.

Their family motto is "Kicking Cancer's Tooshie."

Kannon, you keep doing that.

And in April 2021, you ring that warrior bell at Children's and come on over to 9NEWS and you can announce your Good News yourself.

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