Looking for an apartment in the Denver area is no easy feat, especially when scam artists are creeping around the internet. They're hoping it'll be easy to convince people who are desperate to find a place to live to just write them a big old check, without seeing a place.

Just ask Doug. Doug is a Denver guy who's been in search of a new apartment.

This is Doug
This is Doug

He's been calling about apartment listings on Craigslist, some of which did look too good to be true, and sure enough, they were. Scammer after scammer asked him to send money right away to secure an apartment. They wanted personal information and pictures of checks, but wouldn't show him the place.

Doug got tired of it. Finally, he decided to have a laugh, much to the frustration of the person trying to make some quick cash.

He found a person trying to rent a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment around the Highlands neighborhood for $800. Obviously too good to be true. Doug decided to scam the scammer. He sent and email pretending to be interested in this apartment, and the following is his interaction with that person.

"Thanks for your respond and God bless you," the initial email back to Doug said.


RENTER, asking Doug to send a picture of a check with a $1,200 deposit to a person in Florida


DOUG (didn't really attach anything):

RENTER (says he didn't receive the check - "send again, once the check confirm to my lawyer I will start teh arrangement of keys and documentation to your address immediately and get back to you with the Fedex tracking number and delivery time. In God We Trust.")

DOUG (found a picture of an error message)

DOUG (does know how to use computers):

RENTER (CLERK on attachment):

DOUG (dougpictures.com isn't real)




The renter never wrote back after that.

Next talked to Doug. You can hear more about it in the video above.