Sean Peters didn't predict his life would look like this as a teenager.

He didn't care much about school and his grades suffered. He dreamed of joining the military, but the Air Force turned him down because he had been home-schooled. His parents moved to Florida as the bank foreclosed on their house, and Peters moved into his Jeep for six months while he tried to support himself with a job at Starbucks.

"I would say what's made me successful is, I know what it's like to be at the bottom, and you don't want to do that again," he says.

Peters eventually found his way into the Air Force Reserves, followed by Arapahoe Community College, and then MSU Denver, where he studied business.

And while he went to school, Peters brewed his own beer almost every day. He actually started at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Peters' first batch was an Amber Ale.

"It was okay. It wasn't great by any means," he says. "It was an okay flat beer."

He remembers leaving the mixture to ferment on a high temperature setting. He woke up to beer on the ceiling the next day. Peters got about a gallon of beer out of all that.

One failure didn't stop him.

"Even though it didn’t turn out so great, it was really cool to go through the process, and then the smells of beer being made, it’s incredible," he says.

Fast forward to today, and Peters has graduated from MSU with a 3.8 GPA and the Provost’s Award. He's also now the brewmaster at Peak View Brewing Company. He and his business owner hope to open up shop in Greenwood Village once lease negotiations are settled.

“I would describe myself as a person who doesn’t give up. Doesn’t let people tell me what I can’t do," Peters says.

Watch more of his story in the video above.