Governor Hickenlooper's every word is being analyzed as if he's running for President.

Because he's probably running for President.

Talking to Politico Thursday, he made an attention-getting comment comparing current politics to turmoil before the Civil War:

"We are seeing a divide in this country that's as significant as when we had slave states and anti-slavery states ... This rural, urban divide -- I mean, people in rural areas of Colorado and across the country feel like the urban areas have just left them behind and don't care."

Governor Hickenlooper has led Colorado through a time of great urban-rural division. His comments about "backwards thinking" in rural areas dogged him in the 2010 election.

Several counties in Eastern and Northern Colorado held secession votes in 2013.

Politico asked Hickenlooper if he'll run in 2020. He did not rule it out, but said he probably won't end up on a ticket with John Kasich either.

Listen to the entire podcast with Hickenlooper here.