Colorado now has a law granting you immunity if you break a dog out of a hot car, if you follow the rules.

Lori Saine, the bill's sponsor was on Next in February, saying that response to Kyle Clark's commentary about finding a dog in a hot car inspired the proposal.

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Governor Hickenlooper signed that into law on Thursday.

The person breaking the car's window would legally have to make an effort to find the car's owner, call police, and then stick around waiting for officers once the window has been broken.

We've been through this - you have to have a reasonable belief the pet might die - you can only use reasonable force, you have to try to find the owner, call authorities, and stay on scene.

A Coloradan would be trusted to use to make a judgment call in these cases. In other states where laws like this have passed, Saine says there has not been an uptick in vigilantism, in case you're wondering about people smashing random cars at will.

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