The Colorado Republican Party says because of a huge demand to see Vice President Mike Pence at its fundraiser in Greenwood Village next week, they're... offering big discounts?

The original cost of an individual ticket for next Thursday's event at the Denver Marriott Tech Center was $275. The Colorado Republican Party announced Wednesday that tickets are down to $150 – a reduction of 45 percent.

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Jeff Hays announced that "due to popular demand we have made more tickets available at a new lower price."

After some publicity about that fact, the Party said in a second e-mail sent out later Wednesday:

"It's unfortunate that incorrect information was released on the upcoming event with our Vice President. Despite inaccurate reporting, we will exceed our expected attendance of 400 supporters. We have opened up an additional general ticket level to allow more of our hardworking grassroots activists from the 2016 cycle to be able to attend. We believe they deserve the same opportunity to hear from our Vice President as the premiere seating we are offering.”

Four-hundred expected guests in that space would fill about half the room. The website where tickets are sold states to please purchase them by Oct. 24 because of limited space.

The Colorado GOP told Kyle Clark that slashing ticket prices is “absolutely” not due to any lack of local support for the President’s administration.