Keithan Holiday is busy these days keeping a promise. His 16-year-old son, Sebian, passed away on June 16 of last year, and he had a request before he died.

Sebian battled muscular myopathy, a degenerative muscle disease that eventually took over his body, throughout most of his life. But he still wanted a place to fit in - a place that welcomed people with disabilities.

His father created Seb's Recreation Center in Aurora. It opened its doors exactly one year ago, and Sebian was able to go there a few times before he died.

“I’m just trying to fulfill my sons dream of being equal,” said Keithan. "I wish he was here to participate."

sebian (11)_1520562861905.jpg.jpg
Sebian and Keithan

Toward the end, Sebian had to be carried most places, but he never lost his sharp mind. In an interview just before his death, he told us his dad was his best friend, and he was proud to see his dream become a reality.

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“I’m glad to see he thought it was a good idea and put the time and effort into making this place happen,” said Sebian, during the interview. "Anyone is welcome and encouraged to use the facility. There are weight machines, a foosball table, television and games for kids."

Seb's Recreation Center

“I want a lot of people to know who my son is and who he was, and why we have this facility. So for me, it’s his legacy, and I hope it last until the end of time,” said Keithan now.

The recreation center will hold an anniversary party on Jan. 19, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Watch our catch-up interview with Keithan in the video above. For more on the rec center, click here.