It's a Sign!

Next viewer Joe Jacklovich spotted a street sign in Red Feather Lakes, which is in Larimer County, that he wanted us to look into.

The street: Nofing Way.

nofing_way (1)_1505173415509.jpg
Nofing Way in Larimer County

We thought this was a joke at first, but of course we called Larimer County to be sure. Wouldn't you know it, that the county's business operations manager confirmed that, yes, it's a real name, of a real street.

County staff told us that this name may have surfaced about eight or nine years ago, when Larimer County allowed when residents to pick names of streets. They had to name and re-name different areas to make sure emergency dispatchers could find addresses.

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It looks like someone had a sense of humor, and that someone also thought that there's Nofing Way the county approves this.

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