DENVER — One well-known politician in Colorado did not attend Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony for Gov. Jared Polis: his opponent in the election, Republican candidate Walker Stapleton.

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Stapleton posted a video to Twitter saying that he would have liked to be at the event, but he had another civic duty to attend to.

“Good luck, Governor Polis,” he said. “I’d be there, but after eight years of having the privilege of serving in statewide office, it turns out that my service to Colorado will continue for at least one more day. That’s correct. I have been summoned as a juror. So while you were taking the oath of office, I’ll be reading outdated People and Newsweek magazines at the Arapahoe Justice Center. Best of luck, and I hope to have a chance to congratulate you in person.”

With more than 53 percent of the vote, Polis, a Democrat, defeated Stapleton in November. More Coloradans voted in that mid-term election than ever before, the Secretary of State’s Office said.

Stapleton just finished an eight-year run as state treasurer.

In his video, Stapleton is seen sporting the same beard we saw him with when he went to D.C. for a memorial for his cousin, former President George H.W. Bush.

Polis’ inaugural ball is scheduled for Tuesday night.