Kayaking in the dead of winter and doing it in Ouray.

But hey, why not? It's Colorado after all.

Shawna Henderson thought the idea was crazy herself.

"I don't think initially I was going to go do something so bizarre on New Year's Day," Henderson said.

She still did it when her friend invited her out.

Shawna was surprised to see there were nearly a hundred people who were doing it.

"I was quite shocked, that this is an actual tradition," she said. "I honestly thought it was going to be five mad men and myself, but to my surprise there were women, and kids, and you know - families, and it was a really beautiful experience."

If you can believe this, the youngest kayaker to brave the winter waters was a 9-year-old boy said Shawna.

"He was a rock star kayaker," she said.

If you thought just kayaking in the winter was crazy enough, some people took it to a whole new level.

"We did have a couple stand up paddle boarders. Those guys impressed me quite a bit because they were falling in the water half the time - I was getting cold watching them," Shawna told Next.

Shawna says she plans to do it gain - maybe every year from now on. It is a tradition, that even has its own Facebook page.

"The feeling of that much cold water hitting you is such a wake up call. It's kind of is exhilarating. You automatically have a smile on your face, even though - I don't know if it's painful," she said jokingly.