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Turn Kyle's basement woodpile into your new Christmas tree ornament

Step aside, Yule log.

DENVER — This story was originally published in December 2020. The woodpile has since been chopped up, and the pieces delivered to Next viewers, but you can still make a woodpile ornament! Directions are below.

Next with Kyle Clark viewers who have watched Kyle anchor the show from his basement during the pandemic are either staring at his jacket or at the woodpile in the circle above his fireplace. (Yes, it is a woodpile and not a stack of wine corks, as some thought).

Some viewers have even made their own versions for their houses.

Rindee MacDonald, for example, took a picture of Kyle's logs and put it inside of a log picture frame. True art.

Credit: Rindee MacDonald

Michael Gray went next-level and built a replica for his wife, albeit with wine corks. Cheers to them!

Credit: Michael Gray

And others have downloaded the Kyle basement Zoom background for their meetings to pretend they are actually in Kyle's basement.

Credit: 9NEWS
Chris Vanderveen

Now, in honor of the holidays, we have another way you can use the logs to add some festive cheer to your home. We created a basement log Christmas tree ornament for you.

More specifically, it's an ornament template. Just download the image here.

Print it and fold the paper on the dotted line. Cut out the wood circles and punch a hole, right in the coronavirus. String it together and hang on the tree.

When you're finished, it will look like this.

Credit: 9NEWS

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