Editor's Note: If you watched Kyle's commentary and you're looking for the link to donate in memory of Doyle, click here.

With all the happiness of the holiday season, I hope we remember there are families that don't feel whole.

People preparing to leave a place at the table for someone they've lost.

It shouldn't lessen everyone's joy - only increase our understanding.

This jacket belonged to a Next viewer named Doyle Larson.

His wife Connie wouldn't let him wear it out of the house.

Kyle Clark is wearing this jacket tonight in memory of Doyle. Doyle passed away this month and his wife, Connie, sent it, along with a heartfelt note, to Kyle.

She'd tease him each night as they watched this program. Telling Doyle she knew someone who should wear this jacket.

And they'd smile.

Doyle Larson passed away earlier this month.

He was 54.

He had a brain tumor.

Connie sent me this jacket with a note asking that I add it to my wardrobe.

Connie - I hope you are smiling tonight.

You should know - just like you - my wife has rules for my wardrobe.

Right now I'm on a 'one-in, one-out' policy. I'm adding Doyle's jacket, so I need to say goodbye to one of my own.

So, Connie, I have an idea. I'll pass along one of my jackets to a Next viewer who wants to join me in remembering your husband.

I've made a donation to the American Brain Tumor Association in Doyle's name.

Any Next viewer who makes a donation of any size will have their name thrown in a hat to inherit one of my jackets.

Kyle and Connie chose a winner Thursday on Next. You can watch the video and read his thank-you to all who donated here: http://on9news.tv/2BPQdUN.

The winner can wear it, burn it, give it to her husband.

Whatever they want.

We'll make it easy to donate to the American Brain Tumor Association in memory of Doyle Larson.

If you donate, let me know.

Email next@9news.com or post on Facebook or Twitter.

This will be on the honor system, as we honor Doyle, and the good times he shared with Connie.

We remember him - and all those we wish were here with us this holiday season.

Want to donate? Go here.