In a new and innovative approach to TV interviews, 9NEWS rolled out its transparent mobile studio to talk with “Flat Earthers,” a group of people who reject basic science and believe the earth is flat.

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On July 18, two men entered the transparent mobile TV studio to answer your questions about why they believe in this conspiracy.

The flat-earth conspiracy has attracted more people over the last couple of years, including an NBA player.

Here’s how the “Flat Earthers” answered some of your questions:

JJ: Carol says: I hate to see a legitimate news source give time to delude beliefs like this. What's your response to that?

We have the same initial reaction going in. What? “Flat Earthers….?” There's people that think the earth is flat? Like for me when I started looking into flat earth, I came to the realization that water always finds and maintains its level when it’s un-manipulated.

JJ: This is from Patrice. If the earth is flat why hasn't anyone gone to the edge and taken a picture?

We're basically kept in the middle and that's due to the Antarctic Treaty. In our model, uh not everybody agrees with this, but in our model we're surrounded by Antarctica. It’s not a continent on the bottom of the ball. It surrounds the flat earth. It holds the water in and there's a treaty in place signed by 52 nations and nobody is allowed to go there independently. You have to go there only on guided tours. e're basically kept away from it.

JJ: I want to follow up this with follow up question. We're basically kept away from there. What do you mean by that?

You can't go on your own. If you do go, you're going on a guided tour and you're going to be controlled while you're there.

Watch our story with the "Flat Earthers" in the video above.

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