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Man with severe hemophilia climbs the Seven Summits

This is something no one else has done.

Climbing the Seven Summits is already a huge accomplishment, but Coloradan Chris Bombardier did it with severe hemophilia – something no one else can say.

The Seven Summits are the tallest peaks on each continent: Denali in North America, Mount Elbrus in Europe, Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, Mount Everest in Asia, Carstesz Pyramid in Oceania/Australia and finally Mt. Vinson in Antarctica.

By standing at the top of Mt. Vinson over the weekend, Bombardier finished his quest to notch the Seven Summits.

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“No longer can anyone say that a person with hemophilia is limited – that they can't achieve the impossible without property treatment, training and medical care,” Bombardier wrote on Facebook.

Bombardier says he wanted to climb the Seven Summits to bring awareness to the fact that only 25 percent of the people in the world who live with hemophilia have access to proper treatment.

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This means “to dream without limitations is dependent on which country you are born into,” Bombardier wrote on Facebook.

If you want to follow Bombardier's journey in his future, then check out his website.

To help Chris in helping others with hemophilia visit http://www.saveonelife.net/everest-2017.php or http://cohemo.org.