DENVER — RTD, Metro Denver’s transit agency, has a huge presence on social media, so you’d expect their social media department to be huge.

I have to admit, I was quite surprised to find a small office with three people working on computers, tucked on the third floor of RTD’s Operations Center in Denver's RiNo neighborhood.

I got a chance to meet Virginia, Cee and Kory – the three people tasked with responding to a lot of angry tweets.

Last year, RTD reports receiving 22,000 messages on Facebook and Twitter. Many of them are from angry people. The three who work her figure about one percent of the feedback they receive is positive.

In fact, they told us whenever they get a nice note, they like to pass it around the office. So we’ve been encouraging Next viewers to share some positive experiences with @RideRTD to balance things out.

Watch the video above to see how tough some of the other responses can get.