So, at some point recently, Sports Authority Field at Mile High got a little darker.

The second "S" in "sports" went dim as the rest of the sign on the Denver Broncos' stadium shined bright.

Where that S at?
Where that S at?

*Sport Authority Field*

Then, just this weekend, Next noticed the sign had been fixed again.

Oh, look! It's back.
Oh, look! It's back.

The team spent money to fix a sign that represents a defunct company, even though they won't spend the money to take down the sign, or turn it off altogether.

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We reached out to the Broncos to ask the obvious question: WHY?

Seth Medvin with the Broncos essentially said they can't afford to have part of the sign making the stadium look bad.

Specifically, he said, "While there are no plans to officially re-brand the stadium in this interim period, it is important to us to make sure that it looks presentable at all times."

And so, Sports Authority Field at Mile High lives on.