The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today is actually... nine things.

Specifically, it's a map of the "9 Ways to Divide Colorado," made by Colorado native and graphic designer Josh Bennett.

Bennett took inspiration from the Atlas of Prejudice maps by Bulgarian artist Yanko Tsvetov, who draws new, often very funny boundaries for regions based on societal issues.

Bennett's map is pretty funny, too (probably depending on who you ask).

There's people who love the state flag v. everyone else, for example.

Courtesy: Josh Bennett
Courtesy: Josh Bennett

And people who love pot, love pot and kombucha, love pot and craft beer, and the people who love Jesus.

Courtesy: Josh Bennett
Courtesy: Josh Bennett

You can see all the ways Bennett divided up Colorado here:

Or here if you want to zoom in.

"It was on Reddit and saw a map - how to divide the U.S. in nine ways. Ideas started popping in my head right away," he told Next. "My favorite is probably the snow melt ending up in the Bellagio."

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