The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today is going to take some explanation...

Coloradans love their Subarus, so naturally, if you leave two of them just sitting in the driveway, people are going to think you have a Subaru to spare.

Katie Kline can tell you about it. Her 2002 Subaru Outback, complete with a broken roof rack, is parked in her Westminster driveway every night. And there, even at her own home, people approach her with offers.

"It started about a month-and-a-half ago. I had a guy knock on the door, and he didn't introduce himself. He just said, 'Can I buy your Subaru outside for more than it's worth?'"

She looked at him, stunned, and said no, but the offers didn't stop there. Note after note has been left under the windshield wiper.

Katie isn't surprised...

"It's the state car of Colorado," she says. "You can do anything with it."

...but she's not willing to sell.

"I'm not going through another battle trying to find a good deal on another Subaru."

In an effort to stop Coloradans' inquiring minds, Katie had to add a sign to her car. It says "NOT FOR SALE. DON'T ASK AND LEAVE."

SUBARU_NOTFORSALE (1)_1486434194081.jpg

Katie and her boyfriend Jonathan Weinberg just moved from St. Louis. They say they knew they were meant to be together because they both appreciate the Subaru life.

"Most of that Midwest kind of-- they don't understand the Subaru culture like they do out here."

We should also say that Jonathan himself could be the Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today. Long red beard, and a sushi button-up? C'mon...


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