The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today has got to be this awesome sledding party in Crested Butte.

Trevor Bona and Neil Opalinski, a couple of friends who live there, started planning the annual party three years ago.

"I would say our first year was probably only 50 people or so, and now it's definitely become a community event, and fun for everybody, so that's something that we're really stoked about," Opalinski said. 

Every year, they set up a sledding course in a big backyard near downtown Crested Butte, and then they invite the whole town over for food and to sled.

They call it a ski bum kind of party - nothing fancy, but Kegs and Sleds has become "the party of the year" in Crested Butte, according to Bona. 

He started flying drones around the same time as the first party. The video has become as much of a tradition as the sledding course. 


The 200-foot run is built only with shovels and the help of friends. It takes about a week to build, and about 30 seconds to ride.

People do donate cash, which goes to food and buying sleds for anyone who comes.

You may have noticed a guy trying to ride a keg down the course in the video. That's Collin. The guys say he comes every year, sometimes confusing "Sleds and Kegs" for "Kegs and Kegs." So... there ya go.

And that is the most Colorado thing we saw today.