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Most Colorado Thing: Priest prays over breweries' new 'Westside Blessedside' beer

The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today was a blessing. Of beer.

The Most Colorado Thing Next saw today was a blessing. Of beer.

Father Wes from Saint Dominic Parish said a few words over a beer called "Westside Blessedside."

"Bless, oh Lord, this beer," he said, "from the fruits of the earth you have created."

The beer is a collaboration between Joyride Brewing Company and fellow Westside brewery Little Machine.

They put it together for an annual event called Collaboration Fest, which features beers - usually one and done creations - that are made collaboratively by at least two breweries.

The organizers make an exception for the media collaboration. This year, a bunch of media people (like me) who write about beer in Denver and wish we could brew like to pros, got to brew with the pros at Great Divide Brewing.

I think you'll like what everyone came up with. I tried not to mess it up.

Collaboration Fest is on Saturday, March 25, at the National Western Complex.

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