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Next's 2022 ornament: Target Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

(Target) rockin' around the Christmas tree at the parking lot party hop.

DENVER — It's that time of year again.

Everyone's out and about getting their shopping done and prepping for the holidays, no matter which ones you celebrate. We're knocking one more thing off your list.

In 2020, the Next with Kyle Clark family started a new holiday tradition. Now, we're sharing our third-year creation with you.

Allow us to introduce your 2022 Next ornament: Target Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. Hopefully your holiday excursions avoid unfortunate automotive upheavals.

To get the ornament, open this document.

Print out the sheet, fold it on the dotted line and tape the two sides together. Like last year, punch a hole right at the top and pull a string through. Finally, hang it.

Credit: 9NEWS
(Target) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Our first ornament was a miniature version of the woodpile from Kyle's basement, one of our favorite things in the early part of the pandemic. The 2020 ornament is still available to print and download here.

Last year, our vaccine-inspired Shot-ski took to trees like germs to air. It's still available too, and you can find it here if you, like the rest of us around here, suffer from seasonal FOMO (fear of missing out).

Time and time again, we received eager photos of cars propped up on pesky parking lot rocks. So, let this rock be our gift to you. Drive safe. And if you can't drive in the snow, maybe don't drive at all.

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